Our Approach

Help young people get the shelter they need today and learn the tools they need to break the cycle of disadvantage and homelessness forever.

One Vision Productions operates on the premise it takes a village to raise a child. Without secure, affordable housing, young people are set up to fail. With comprehensive support that includes case management, education and connection, this model provides an innovative and youth driven solution and addresses the needs to a system in crisis.

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Village Off The Streets - Model

The Current Paradigm

We are in urgent need of creating a new paradigm in which aims to educate and connect youth to a future. Conventional youth shelters are band-aide approaches where youth are given a bed not a chance to thrive.

Placing young people behind razor wires as well has also shown to be ineffective in protecting the community and reducing recidivism. In a recent study Within 2 years over 50% of young offenders reoffended, and up to 70% went onto adult prisons. We are in urgent need to engage in an educational connective approach through early intervention and support.

New Paradigm – Village Off The Streets

Welcome to a paradigm that could change the way we look at homelessness and youth detention. A place built on connection, a second
start to life- an opportunity for our youth not to just survive but a place where they are given the keys to thrive!

Housing is the foundation for financial, social and emotional security, as well as better health and wellbeing.

Village Off the Streets will provide 24/7 supported accommodation where residents receive support to engage in education, training and life skills to end the cycle of homelessness and disadvantage.

This acts as an immediate need to house and support so many of our homeless youth on the North coast of Australia and referring areas.

Here, youth become part of a community dedicated towards positive change and learning.
Youth will learn practical skills to succeed in life and business. For example: youth learn how to build, create permaculture gardens and sell produce at local markets, tend to horses and animals, achieve their high school education or engage at TAFE studies. We will have positive
parenting coursers to unite families, support into jobs and residency, counseling, mindfulness programs and health training. These skills are
all taught amongst a community that strives to succeed.

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