Alternative Learning and Vocational Pathways

Residents have opportunity to be engaged in OVP successful alternative learning model.

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Alternative Learning

OVP has demonstrated success utilizing alternative education models to re-engage young people in education, and experience working in schools and with Distance Education to deliver programs that meet the NSW Syllabus outcomes.

Distance education is an equity program for NSW students who are geographically isolated or whose individual circumstances prevent them from regularly attending school.

In partnership with Distance Education and local schools, OVP will deliver Year 7-12 alternative education program that will be delivered at the OVP Creative Hub & onsite at the OVP Village. As part of staying on this complex, youth have to attend educational pathways and contribute to the community. Youth will also have the opportunity to attend TAFE on campus with certain subjects or linked with partnered institutes in other subject areas.

Trained OVP Mentors and teachers will facilitate pathways for youth to progressively pursue their educational/
vocational interests through a diverse range of electives, including:

  • Ableton live courses, digital music production, singer/songwriter classes, production, film and media and a range of creative industries courses.
  • Building, trades, creative industries, agriculture, permaculture, cooking, entrepreneurship and other areas identified as ‘passion based’ initiatives for the young person that make up their secondary education qualifications, and act as a gateway to further education/employment.

Vocational Training and Employment

All residents will receive support to transition to sustainable employment

  • Employment: engaged in pre-employment programs with ETC and Nortec Job Network providers, providing skills in resume creation, interviewing techniques, job prospecting, job matching and financial employment assistance.
  • Engaging young people in Traineeships
  • Working collaboratively with Wollongbar Tafe, Byron Community College and SAE Qantm to provide pathways to further education/training. Skills-based, experiential training that can help them identify career goals, access hands-on training, connect with on-the-job training placement or entry-level employment, and ultimately earn sufficient income to make the transition into independent living.
  • Working with local businesses and companies for transition into work including local council
  • Develop personal action plans on how to meet their employment goals—this happens on entry
  • Learn job readiness skills including resume and cover letter writing and interview skills—we will link participants into service providers while getting more training with OVP
  • Connect with industry specific training programs and build technical skills—pathways of passion identified and pursued
  • Access training available, Access on-the-job training placements and/or entry-level employment through job development support
  • TAFE education offered at village
  • Receive follow up support for a minimum of six months once employed

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