Reducing Youth Offending

Residents have opportunity to be engaged in OVP successful alternative learning model.

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OVP Mentoring

In knowing the importance of passion based mentoring OVP has developed a model called “Change the Track” especially for young people aged 12-20 at risk of becoming entrenched in the criminal justice system. Considering the amount of homeless youth that end up offending, this would assist the village for youth that have had encounters with the court system.

This is a unique program that utilises a ‘passion based learning model,’ combined with evidence-based research that identifies and addresses contributing factors to offending behaviour, including trauma, psychological disorders and cognitive impairments of young offenders.

All participants will receive psychological and criminogenic risks and needs assessment. Effective interventions need to address psychological and cognitive impairments, and be flexible and responsive to individual needs.

Interventions will include: intensive individual mentoring, positive parenting coursers and training, Rites of Passage, alternative education, training and employment opportunities, and support to address issues relating to social, emotional, health and wellbeing and legal issues. (see Change The Track Brochure)

Welcome to a new paradigm, a system founded on models of success and innovative techniques globally. This model can be replicated all throughout Australia and can act as a foundational point to give youth a life of success and self-worth through connection; rather than been entrenched in a system that leaves our youth in detention, homeless and disconnected.

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