Where Are We Now

We have a model of inclusion with plans developed- plans in place while working alongside business owners and entrepreneurs to deliver program.

We are encouraging government and philanthropy to work together to create an alternative model.

Distance Education has committed to providing 1 full time equivalent secondary teacher for every 5 additional students to ensure we meet student to staff ratio’s and have means to meet student demand.

This model acts as a new way to approach youth homelessness. It is based on a model of success and can be replicated anywhere.

  • Learn more about our Village Off The Streets Youth Homelessness program below

Village Off The Streets - Homeless

Why Are We Different? Passion Based Learning

OVP operates on a model of passion-based learning, using culture, community and connection as the basis for lifelong change. Passion based learning focuses on the strengths and skills of the young person, and engaging them in education based on personal interests and talents.

Often young people have not received early support and positive role modelling. OVP matches young people with mentors who share a common passion or interest and excel in their field. The difference is in our mentoring services is that we choose world class pioneers and industry professionals that respond to the youth’s passion.

We utilize an integrated approach with a range of services working together to provide holistic support that addresses risk factors and increases protective factors. We address the underlying issues that contribute to homelessness & offending, linking young people to
support services:

  • Housing

  • Health & Wellbeing

  • Education/Training

  • Employment

  • Family Support Services

One person can change a young person’s life. By acting early, igniting passion and encouraging aspirations, we provide opportunities for vulnerable youth to realise their full potential.

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