Reducing Youth Homelessness A National Priority

Australia has rising rates of youth homelessness. With a severe housing affordability crisis, shortage of social housing stock and funding cuts to homeless service providers, more than 100,000 people are homeless on any given night in Australia, with more than one third being young people.

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Village Off The Streets - Homeless

The Issue: Youth Homelessness

Between 2011-2016, numbers of homeless people increased by 14%, with more than 43,500 homelesspeople are under 25 (ABS Census 2016).
The current approach of addressing homelessness using acute services is unsustainable and ineffective.

With so many young people living rough, it’s no wonder that we have increased levels of youth crime. In a recent study by Juvenile Justice with homeless youth demonstrated that 44% of youth had stayed in a prison or juvenile detention center, nearly 78% have had at least one interaction with the police, and nearly 62% had been arrested at some point in their lives. Homelessness leaves youth entrenched in the juvenile justice system.

Village off the streets is a model built on connection. It is a platform where youth become part of a community, learning new skills, values and mindsets that set them up for life. Not only does this village provide accommodation and connection, it helps break the cycle of many homeless youth continuing a life on the streets and often ending up being incarcerated and entering a life of crime.

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