Triple J Unearthed provides a fantastic starting platform for Independent and unsigned all-Australian music, artists and bands. They give these up and comers, an opportunity to break into the music industry and fulfil life long dreams.


Being a part of Triple J Unearthed has helped One Vision share both their story and amazing tracks written by so many of our young artists across Australia. They are huge supporters of Indigenous artists and are currently featuring a top 5 Indigenous artists you need to hear, currently featuring Zane Francis, Denni420, Kuren, Lucky Luke and Alice Skye.

If you haven’t already get to the triple j unearthed page, follow, like, tweet and high five these legends!


We are proud to be a part of such a inspirational and supportive music movement.

Our latest & greatest right here———> “You’re Gone” featured on our Triple J Unearthed page :D