One Vision Productions Music 4 Change IAS Program

In 2015 One Vision Productions was awarded Federal funding under the Indigenous Advancement Strategy (IAS) that has, for the past two years, allowed us too conduct our 8 week Music 4 Change workshop programs in regional and remote high schools across NSW. These programs have enabled us to work with young people and culture to achieve significant re-engagement rates, progression into tertiary studies and highly improved vocational outcomes.

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IAS Indigenous Advancement Strategy


One Vision Productions’ Music 4 Change project is made possible by federal government funding under the national Indigenous Advancement Strategy which aims to support young indigenous people to re-engage with learning opportunities, and designed to improve attendance and educational outcomes.

2016 Project

In 2016 One Vision Productions delivered hip hop and film workshops to Indigenous students across the Northern Rivers.

The participating schools included Mullumbimby High School, Byron Bay High School, Ballina High School, Evans River K-12 School, Richmond River High School and Casino High School.

This project also enabled our team to assist in supporting 10 local Indigenous young people to progress into tertiary studies with SAE Institute and attain completion of their Certificate III in Technical Production.

We have continued working with a number of these young people, who have now become mentors for younger students at One Vision Productions.

2017 Project

Throughout 2017 One Vision Productions has delivered hip hop and film workshops to indigenous students at the following schools: Murwillumbah High School, Kingscliff High School, Ballina High School, Casino High School, Bonalbo Central School and Evans River K-12 School.

As part of the 2017 Music for Change program, One Vision Productions Indigenous mentoring programs has matched vulnerable youth with mentors in the creative industries. Participating youth are matched with professionals in the music, dance, film and visual arts industries. We match mentors with students who will benefit from these mentors individual skill-set and culture.

Both one-on-one and group mentoring offers young people an opportunity to engage in relevant, fun and creative activities, offering them an opportunity to build a supportive relationship with a strong adult role model.

Mentoring activities include:  Music tuition, film, art and beat production, singing and dance coaching as well as general life skills such as implementing steps to achieve personal goals and homework assistance. Exploration of the creative arts provides young people with opportunities to realise their own personal potential and feel empowered.

This consistent and regular contact with a positive adult role model facilitates improved learning and vocational outcomes and results in young people making more positive life choices.

Featured video about the IAS program

We recently teamed up with students form Kingscliff High School to produce the music video clip, Standing As One, which combines powerful lyrics, written by the students, together with strong imagery, culture and dance, within 72 hours this clip had gone viral on social media.

With more than 115,000 views and several thousand shares, this success was a testament to the young people and the strength of their message.

The lyrics cover the topics of corruption and greed and the importance of unity moving forward. Through Hip-Hop the story is told of a disparity between two worlds; the Dreamtime, where guidance was provided through the ‘Old Ways’, and the modern day, where greed and corruption rule.

Through their powerful lyrics these young people demand social change, with lines such as, “We must unite and strengthen our connections to ourselves, each other and mother earth in order to build a better future for all.”

“As soon as the conversation was open and the kids started to write the song, I said to them how powerful the message was and that it had the power to impact social change,” – One Vision Productions Founding Director, Mark Robertson.

“These young people have a strong sense of identity, they talk openly about their concerns with what has been going on in the world. They feel there was so many real issues not being addressed and see the contrast between the old ways and modern times,”

“This clip is a testament, that when youth are empowered to have a voice, the strength of perception of our next generation is highlighted.

“The success of this video will empower these young people and give them so much confidence. They will realise the impact they can have as future leaders.”

The clip has struck a chord with social media users across the country, attracting comments such as:

“Beautiful work. You’re making the difference that you want to see. Keep sharing unity and love,”

“Brilliant! Our future looks great with these kids! Awesome song. Awesome message!”

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