One Vision Productions Mentoring Program

One Vision Productions mentoring program matches vulnerable youth with mentors in the creative industries.

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OneVisionProductions now delivers personalised mentoring in cultural relevant programs including multi-media, music and film production for local youth at risk.

We pride ourselves with working with some of Australia’s top creative professionals. OVP Mentors are highly skilled in their creative industry and have trained as OVP Mentors to support, encourage and develop the potential of young people. This platform has been recognised as a powerful means of change as we are providing mentors that link to the youths passions, helping them succeed in all areas of their life.

In addition to learning how to use industry standard music software, equipment, skills for workplace in any art form they choose- mentoring sessions give young people the support of a positive role model that works with them to change their lives for the best.

From Tweed Heads to Casino, OVP Mentoring services the entire Northern Rivers region. This program creates unique opportunities for young people to discover their interests, life goals and develop resilience, confidence and become masters at any chosen art-form.

“Through having access to a mentor, especially one that understands and nurtures the youths culture and passion- youths lives can literally transform” says OneVisionProductions founder Mark Robertson. “These mentoring sessions are a way to engage young people in recreational and training opportunities they wouldn’t usually get.”

OVP receives referrals from youth based organisations, government and support agencies and is mentoring many youth throughout the Northern rivers from all ages (This also runs concurrently with workshops being run in local schools.)

If your organisation would like to know more about the program options, please contact us to discuss.

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