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Every organisation has a vision. Your story in manifesting that vision has an impact, though how is that impact captured? One Vision Productions is revolutionising impact and the way those stories are told through digital media.

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Impact Media

OVP values any opportunity to work with and help Australian organisations to get their messages out to the world. In our ever changing digital landscape, one of the most important aspects of marketing is to highlight your story, vision and impact and we know that the best way to do that is through digital storytelling.

Whether it be highlighting your opening webpage through your story, the creation of advertising material, demonstrating stories through conferences and events you put on. What is your vision? What is your impact? and how can we capture that and bring it to the world on your website or social media channels?

What We Do

We create a 3-4 minute clip that takes your organisation to the next level. We demonstrate through film your accomplishments, vision, strategies and mission and capture it in a story utilising some of Byron Bays best producers.

We manage video projects from concept through to delivery. Every organisation should be linked with a unique story that enhances their identity and promotional material. If their story can be described graphically and their emotional appeal identified through powerful clips it will put them in a much better position in the marketplace. Because of lack of promotional material organisations find it hard to engage their service providers in identifying the uniqueness of their product. This is where we OVP come in:

What we do- consultation with organisation, identify their story around branding, create a unique concept that describes their social impact onto the rest of Australia or world. We help envision goals, past successes and position a 3-minute clip that emotionally takes the viewer on a journey into your ideologies.

Based around the story we demonstrate the social impact through the powerful means of film and music. A narrative voiceover is often used to highlight the story and the journey of the organisation while working with some of the best producers Australia has to offer.

Without demonstrating impact organisations are left stagnant. You need to be able to show how you shine and demonstrate how what you’re doing makes a difference.

OVP prides itself with strong ethical morals and will only work with organisations that have ethical values.



Chris Liddell

With an international career in Film, Music and Creative media production for over 25 years Chris brings vast experience and talent in film, editing, visual effects, compositing and all areas of Post Production. Deeply engaged in the powerful story telling potential of marrying vision to Lyric and music, Chris’ artistic vision and wealth of knowledge provides OVP with the resources to produce quality film tracks and feature films.



Andy Bowles

Andy Bowles is a Cinematographer, Editor and Director with over 10 years film production experience, specializing predominantly in commercial advertisements and music videos. He visionary style and enthusiasm for nurturing creative spirits has seen him lead OVP’s film division for the past two years. He is also a singer/song-writer playing festivals across Australia with his band The 4’20 Sound and hosting a highly successful reggae night weekly in Byron Bay.


Johannes Beer

Johannes is a freelance film-maker and photographer. He has been involved in the events and music industry at festivals such as Bluesfest, Rainbow Serpent, Earth Frequency, Subsonic and Quandamooka.

One of Johannes’ music-clip productions for local musician Mick McHugh was awarded “Best Music Video” at the 2017 NCEIA Dolphin Music Awards.

He has also been involved in features, shorts, series and commercial productions as camera-operator, AC/Focus puller, gaffer or as set-photographer in Brisbane and the Gold Coast.


Meg Noel

Megz Noel is passionate about creating beautiful and inspiring videos. Having received honours in her Graphic Design degree and also attaining tertiary qualifications in Film and Marketing, all visual compositions created by Megz Noel is not just beautiful but also purposefully communicates to the psyche of the client’s intended target audience.



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