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Ever wanted to become a producer?
Learn Abelton live, produce your own music with professional equipment.

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Drop in Centre

Why study music through OneVisionProductions and not someone else? You become a-part of a collective with local musicians in the area; you are a-part of a team. When good enough we arrange gigs for you, give you recording time and get you out as a professional musician in the industry. We have a proffessional recording studio on site and access the world’s best mixers and masterers to make you sound amazing. OVP is like a family of some of the best music educators Australia has to offer. Take a jump and release your potential, become a-part of the OneVisionProductions team.

• At OVP we are willing to offer professional training to all youth in dance, singing, acting, instrumental music, beat production, video and sound editing, photography and djing.

• Create employment opportunity for older students to act as guides and mentors for younger students at our school

• We aim to Develop a strong sense of self-discipline and self-worth in all our youth aiming to keep kids off the street and in a supported environment where they can learn and be mentored by the best.

We encourage students to develop individual and team skills, to embrace there talent and share it, reach out to others, to build community within our program and a bridge to their own communities.

We aim to intergrate culture through strong mentors that help guide our youth, teaching lessons of empowerment, the power of the mind and how to deal with trauma.

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Every Friday Night we have a state of the art facility for all communities to come together and learn how to be professionals in the music industry. We provide a platform for the youth to not just become superstars at their art-form but to also be gig ready with OVP creating opportunities for our youth. We offer a family environment where we are all working together as a unit. This platform revolutionised America in arts culture and will is state of the art in youth and performance innovation. If you want to be the best, you should train with the best. Every Friday night 5-8pm come along and let yourself shine.

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