Byron High students making Music for Change

»»Byron High students making Music for Change

Byron High students making Music for Change

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We have started in Term 2 of the school year bringing our Music for Change program to Byron High School.

Working specifically with local Indigenous Youth, this program gives the participants an opportunity to get their feelings and words heard by a wider audience through recording a Hip-Hop song and film clip and by creating opportunities for their career pathways in creative industries.

So far the participants have learnt freestyling and writing poetry, telling stories and writing songs.There has been some real talent among the crew and they are shining as a unit.

The participants are being taught that hip hop should be fun and it’s about freedom of expression and not battling, aggression and fighting.

The students are writing lyrical compositions relating to cultural themes, and how to create positive change in the world.

They are also learning how to use the music production platform Ableton.

Here is a sample of some of the lyrics that have been written by the students;13217285_1288754467805988_4433337163709436089_o

So we shout out for a nation of change
Stand up warriors as the mike spits flames
Aint no playing games cause we’re here to rhyme
So stand up everybody lets fight for our time

We need to empower ourselves we need to know whats going on
That’s exactly why we are writing this song
We need to spread the message of overcoming fear
So we raise our voice through the tip of our spear

so how can we change the world when we cant change ourselves
so shine bright like a star with a story to tell
cause im living in hell cant escape from this cell
conscious keep reminding me yeah of a positive spell

I give my shout outs to the world going round
Cause we try to change the nation with the voice of our sound…

Just a snippet of what they’ve written so far, pretty awesome hey!

We start recording next week!

We look forward to sharing with their completed song and film clip at the end of the 10 workshops.

Go Byron High!