Blessed are our Soulful

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Blessed are our Soulful

2018-02-08T03:31:46+00:00 May 31st, 2016|Community Work|Comments Off on Blessed are our Soulful

I was blessed to start working with One Vision Productions around a year ago, as a volunteer student support officer. My journey began with Mark and the students from Ballina high school became one lyrical and powerful team to create a beautiful & political track, well beyond these young talented kids years. This inspiring music and it’s creative process filled the atmosphere with a unified energy and made long lasting friendship.

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One Vision has been presented with multiple amazing opportunities and mark my words the music that these young legends have put their heart and soul into, can change this world. It is changing their lives, it is changing mine.

Today with the help of one of our local Elders, Our Evans Head “Music for Change” workshops are creating an incredible song that incorporates our local areas Indigenous Australian language, Bundgalung.


Hip hop since it began has been a vessel for young people to express themselves, relieve them of their struggles if only just for one minute and it has given them freedom where it didn’t exist. It is our therapy. It is our meditation. It is our escape. It is our freedom. It speaks to everyone, no matter what religion, gender, age, nationality, background or history. It means no fear. It means acceptance, no matter what. We all have cracks it’s how the light gets in.


The simplicity of One Vision to me is that there is nothing more important to a young persons life than self esteem. If you can give someone a beat and they can vocalise or lay down some epic words that they actually believe in, the impact can literally floor you.

Written by Ella King.

One Vision Productions Student Support & Media Manager.