about pageI began these projects 6 years ago and have traveled to nearly 40 communities in Australia initiating hip/hop and film projects. I recently taught hip-hop in the UK and Ireland, and in being a qualified high school English/Drama teacher have realised the dramatic impact that these programs can have to young people’s lives; especially for high needs children.

In returning to Australia my work has mainly been concentrated in the Northern Territory to far North Queensland on remote communities and more recently on North Coast of NSW in schools and out. These programs have been highly successful with NITV televising many of the film-clips.

In 2009 I won the Young Social Pioneer award of Australia and have been nationally recognised to even being one of 20 Australians to meet the Prince on entry to Australia. With the help of media, the children’s stories and messages are getting out to Australia. Powerful messages are being portrayed, as the songs and film-clips are generally structured around change. Interviews of the children’s stories and journey’s through music have been played nationally, and songs have regularly been given airtime throughout JJJ, national radio stations and communities throughout Australia.