Empowering disadvantaged youth throughout Australia

One Vision Productions seeks to create change throughout Australia in working with community centres, schools, government organisations and youth agencies to educate and empower the youth and communities through a range of programs, workshops, courses, music tuition and our creative hub.


One Vision Productions Programs

MPOWER, Australia’s most accessible Mental Health Toolkit designed for the specific needs of young people. www.mpower.online

Visit MPOWER.online to learn more:


One Vision Productions Programs

One Vision Productions workshop programs and course are all designed with the common theme of helping young people find their voice.

Our programs include:

Creative Hub

One Vision Productions Creative Hub

A shared workspace for anyone who is looking for a place to work on their own projects!

Inside the Creative Hub:

Impact Media

One Vision Productions Impact Media

What is Impact Media?

Every organisation has a vision. Your story in manifesting that vision has an impact, though how is that impact captured? OneVisionProductions is revolutionising impact and the way those stories are told through digital media.

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Creating social change throughout Australia for more than a decade working in over 70 communities and over 10,000 youth

Through working in collaboration with community centres, schools, government organisations and youth agencies, OVP educates and empowers youth through creative arts workshop programs.

Our workshops use the art forms of hip-hop, dance and film production as a veichle to learn unlimited potential. Teaming youth up with some of the best artists Australia has to offer, One Vision breaks down the walls of shame helping youth to deal with depression, anxiety and life issues while promoting self-expression and confidence. This enables participants to learn not only new skills but also experience being a part of a quality family learning environment giving them the foundations to succeed.

As a direct result of our workshop programs, young people often gain often national recognition, with many of our media clips being broadcast across Australia, including on NITV, SBS and national radio stations. One Vision Productions also partners with tertiary education and employment service providers to further support the growth and development of program participants.

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