One Vision Productions Links to Learning Program

One Vision Productions will deliver a 10 week multimedia program at the schools for students at risk of disengaging from mainstream education.

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Links to Learning

Over a 10 week period, youth will identify and discuss issues and themes relevant to their lives, collectively and individually write and record hip hop lyrical compositions, engage in dance and performance art, design and film an accompanying film clip which will then be disseminated through the community using traditional and social media channels. Youth learn Ableton Live; create their own beats while being backed by some of the best producers globally.

Through the delivery of hip hop music, music production techniques, and dance and film production workshops, OVP provides a platform for participants to engage in a project that improves school attendance and engagement, enhances self-esteem, confidence and team work, and allows participants to express themselves through language and movement. Our programs are educational, creative, culturally sensitive, engaging, empowering and therapeutic.

One Vision Productions will deliver its Links to Learning project ‘Music 4 Life’ to Mullumbimby High, Lismore High and Richmond River High schools.

Featured video about the Links to Learning program

One Vision Productions worked with the students from Mullumbimby High School on their epic new video, ‘Take It Easy’. This clip highlights the strong sense of community that these kids feel a part of in a regional country town and the importance of taking it easy! We all possess unlimited potential to achieve our dreams and the lyrics created by these little legends reflect the importance of remembering this and being happy with ourselves.

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