One Vision Productions Hip-Hop Program

One Vision Productions hip-hop lyrical workshops are designed to enhance self esteem and create self-empowerment.

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Through using the medium of Hip-Hop we work with young people to explore issues that are relevant to their lives and turn these concepts into songs that contain positive lyrical content.

Over the course of up to 8 sessions, participants will learn to use audio platforms, create beats, write lyrics, use cameras, create a film-clip, explore the power of words and above all develop a passion for English literature.

“To be an MC one must master the art of words,”
– Founding Director, Mark Robertson.

Throughout the course of our workshops we work with the young people to develop a professionally produced song and film clip – many of which have been aired nationally on NITV.

The artists we choose to work with are well known industry professionals who assist us in delivering these workshops throughout both the Northern Rivers region and across Australia.

Young people love these workshops as it gives them a platform for their voices to be heard and to be an active part of creating social change.

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Featured video about the Hip-Hop program

Please visit our YouTube channel to view some of our finalized clips.

Our workshops can be tailored to suit the needs of your community, agency or school, simply contact us for more information.

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