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Our courses provide all you need to become skilled in various types of music and production

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Singer Song Writer

Have you ever wanted to write and record your song song? If yes, check out this out and learn how you can start that dream today by joining our singer song writer course.

In this course you will be guided through 15 key elements of contemporary songwriting. You will be supported to write a bunch of new tracks and get your inspiration tank filled with tools and resources for taking your songs to a whole new level.

Ableton Music Course

Ableton Music Production

Have you ever wanted to become a producer? Ableton is the go to software for production which most of the serious DJ’s are using OVP’S Abelton for Begginers workshop covers the essential workflows and features to get you started with producing your music in Ableton. After lesson 1 you will be ready to create and design your own music.

Electronic Music course

Electronic Music Production

Spaced over a period of 4 classes this course will take students from the all important kick & bass, through the arrangement & production process, right through to a radio edit & mastering the track yourself, giving you an insight to the tips & tricks Pete (Tetrameth) has amassed over years of producing tracks that have gained him global success and the admiration of his peers.

Hip Hop 101 Course

Hip-Hop 101

Incorporating lyricism and creative writing with an emphasis on music production, beat making and career development.

This course is for serious MC’s who want to learn what it takes to be an MC in the industry. Participants will learn to record Hip-Hop songs on digital music software.


Film Production

Have you ever wanted to learn how to make your own video? Our film production course will help you learn all aspects you need to know.

Sound Healing Dreamseed Group

Sound Healing

Sound healing is a proven way to treat a variety of illnesses such as trauma, anxiety and depression.

Be apart of a safe environment and use techniques with an emphasis on breath control. Didgeridoo is a great tool for treating respiratory conditions such as sleep apnea, snoring and asthma.